Sunday, 15 April 2012

a copious amount of cake was consumed during the making of this blog

At last!  I've bitten the bullet! Two weeks ago today I started my first ever blog.  

I'll be blogging about one of the many things I love in life............ cooking! Whilst sharing my recipes, top tips and food gossip.

I've already blogged about my Jane Asher Home Baker of the Year award winning recipe for tipsy blackberry & apple cupcakes   (I even got a little mention in 'Country Life') see piccie of Jane holding my winning cupcake here

Also, my Emma Bridgewater  prize winning recipe for spineta pepper pie.

Last Friday, the highly recommended Claire Mackaness (a lady of many work talents) came to my house and gave me one on one blog training.

I'm a complete technophobe and get into a total tizz when dealing with computer stuff.   Claire's patience with my flapping about was never ending. Though I think plying her with clotted cream scones eased the way.  I've come to the conclusion that computer work requires .............. copious consumption of cake!

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