Sunday, 22 April 2012

'sherry trifle extra jam'

On a recent trip to my wonderful local farm shop, Calcott Hall in Brentwood, Essex.  I spied this little gem on a very inviting display at the check out counter ..... Sherry Trifle Extra Jam!  

Like a kid who had to bag the sweeties I couldn't resist popping it into my trolley.  

It's by a company called Cottage Delight Speciality Foods and is from 'The Great British Pantry' range.  It was £3 for a 340 gram jar, containing 45 per cent fruit per 100 g (raspberries and strawberries) plus sherry and vanilla.  Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

One of my top five favourite desserts is 'sherry trifle' so I couldn't wait to give it a taste test.  I took a spoonful and my mouth was tantalised with bursts of sweet, juicy, fruity vanilla and caramel flavours.  Not quite the sherry hit I thought it would have but delicious all the same.  I decided that I'd simply have to bake some scones to give it a proper taste test (any excuse).  

So today I baked my all time favourite scone recipe, 'Delia Smith's buttermilk scone recipe'

scones, basted in buttermilk just before baking

They are so quick and easy to make and the buttermilk gives the scones a very light texture.

...... the aching wait for scones to cool

I put a teaspoonful of  'Sherry Trifle Extra Jam' on each scone and then a heaped teaspoon of clotted cream - well it would have been rude not to ;)

My mouth was watering ...............  

I hastily added some fresh raspberries and strawberries to give kind of trifle effect - scone being the cake element etc - see where I'm going with this.   I nearly scoffed one before I took photo as I'm a sucker for scones.  

It was worth the wait as the combination really worked.   I had some taste testers and their comments regarding the jam were:

'the jam was yummy'

'very tasty'

'I got a hint of sherry'

'slight sherry taste'

'sweet caramel fruit flavour'  

Everyone loved the jam and although some of the taste testers thought it didn't have the full on sherry trifle flavour they expected, it was absolutely delicious.   

I personally will be buying some more on my next visit to Calcott Hall Farm shop.  That's if it hasn't sold out as Calcott Hall has said it was proving to be  popular indeed.


  1. I have been using Delia's Buttermilk Scone Recipe for some time, can't wait to try some of this jam with them now. Thank you Linda.

  2. You're welcome Ann. Delia's buttermilk scone recipe is without doubt the best I've ever tried.

  3. .... Ann, I'm going to race you to Calcott Hall before they sell out of the jam xxx