Friday, 13 April 2012

sauted garlic

During the next few months as my blog grows and the recipes keep on coming, there's going to be certain elements of my cooking style that you will see repeated which I've called 'top tip'  I'll refer back to these many, many times.  You can follow them too, by using my list of labels on the left hand side of my blog. 

Check them out, recipes, starters, mains, puddings and cakes with loads more coming soon.  

So today's 'top tip' is .......

sautéed garlic (for extra tasty garlic dishes) 

I use sautéed garlic in salad dressings, pizzas, pastas garlic bread etc.   

Separate the garlic cloves (keep the skins on as this will prevent burning).

In a pan add 1 - 2 tablespoons of olive oil and gently sauté the required amount of garlic for your recipe.  Make sure the heat is on lowest setting at all times as you do not want to burn the garlic as this will make it bitter.  

After about three minutes turn your garlic cloves over so they cook through evenly.  If the oil starts to sizzle or the skins start to colour turn off the heat and the garlic will sauté in the residual heat.  This usually takes about 5 - 8 minutes, depending on the size of your cloves.  You can test with the tip of the knife to see if the garlic is soft. 

Once the garlic is soft scoop it out of the pan with a metal spoon and place on a board.  Remove the skins by pressing a knife on one end of the clove - the garlic should just slip out.  This can be chopped or put through a garlic press.

This method gives a lovely flavour to the garlic and is well worth the effort.  I usually make 'sautéed garlic' whilst I'm prepping the food for the dish I'm about to make ie: pasta sauce, salad dressing or garlic bread.  The oil the garlic has been sautéing in can be used for this also.


  1. What a great tip. I will be keeping an extra close eye on these as I could do with a guiding hand in the kitchen. Any tips on thickening sauces without getting lumps would be welcomed xx

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    2. Thank you Claire. I will be adding more 'top tips' to my blog soon.

      To thicken sauces without getting any lumps. I use a cold cornflour mix. For a sauce for 2 people I would add 1 - 2 teaspoons of cornflour in a cup, then add about 4 teaspoons of water and mix well, then pour into sauce on a low to medium heat and continue to stir. It will thicken the sauce quickly but make sure you keep cooking and gently stirring as this will 'cook out' the flavour and texture of the cornflour.

      Also, use arrowroot for clear sauces and follow packet instructions.

      Hope this helps x